Dangerous Journeys to School

dangerous journey to school

Image credits: Panjalu Images / Barcroft Media

I found this and many more amazing pictures on Sheena Cameron’s The Writing Book Facebook page.

Why not look at them as a family and create a Dangerous Journey to School Story together.

If your child is a contributor, then he/she could write this straight into a new post. If not, then email it to me and I’ll pop it on for you. I would love to hear of your adventures!

dangerous journeys to school

2 thoughts on “Dangerous Journeys to School

  1. Hi Mrs Moore. Here is my story about a dangerous journey to school.

    It’s about one child that’s ten years old. And he’s probably about 1m tall. And his parents say that he is allowed to walk to school by himself, even though he’s 1m tall and he could get run over by a car. When he’s crossing the road he has to run because he might get run over. And then his parents would be very sad, they would be crying, they would be wailing about their son that he was dead. But fortunately that is not what happened this day. He didn’t get run over. It was snowing this day. And his feet got stuck in the snow when he was walking across the road. Because it was a trap. Some people put a fake snow in the whole world. And a car was coming, but his parents ran out and they got trapped too. And then a scooper came along and scooped up the people and put them back into their house, and then then scooper got the people who put the trap there and put it down over them.

    • Phew! A dangerous journey to school for sure!Thank heavens for the scooper! I wonder what will you write about next Lola? Maybe you could write about one of the funny animals I have just added to the blog? Check them out in the latest post. Happy blogging!

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