I am Matthew

I am Matthew. I go to a school in Hobart. I live with my mum and my dog and my brother Aiden. Do you have a brother and what is his name?

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  1. Well done Matthew and welcome to the world of blogging! Enjoy writing comments but try to remember what makes a 2 point comment. What do you think you’d like to write about next? Make it something that you are really interested in! I’ll show you how to add pictures next week … but you can start writing now!

  2. Hi Matthew, Nick and I liked reading your post because Nick has a dog too, called Bessie, and two brothers. Do you and Aiden like to take your dog for walks? Bessie is getting a bit old now for long walks but Nick likes to take her out for short trips. What is your dog called?

  3. Hi mattty Bessie is 13 human years.(about 94 dog years) what breed is booth?And what gender is booth?Bessieis a border collie.

  4. Yes Matthew,
    I have two very annoying brothers that tried to suffocate me once or twice. (I’d rather not mention their name though). its a fabulous post for a first one. Booth is a cool name for a dog! Is your brother annoying like mine?

  5. Hi Matty I do have an annoying brother James.
    Do you have a trampoline?
    Do you have a pet and what is it’s name?

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