For some years some people were living on an island and they needed to get to the mainland to go to school. The only way to get to school was by rowing boats. But today the bay had very, very big waves and the wind was making the bow and stern rock and roll and the bay was SHARK INFESTED!!! So they rowed the boats out carefully. They rowed and rowed and rowed but they were still only halfway there. Then they felt a tug on one of the oars. The tug got bigger and bigger and eventually the oar SNAPPED OFF!!! Then they saw a fin! There were more and more and eventually there were more sharks than they could count. If they could guess, they thought it WAS ABOUT 20!!! Then they realised the fins belonged to SHARKS!!! They rowed and rowed as fast as they could with only 3 OARS!!! They eventually reached dry land. A man helped them out of the boat as quickly as he could before the waves swallowed it up!!! The end

6 thoughts on “The SHARK INFESTED BAY!!!

  1. Woohoo Iggy! Our first dangerous journey to school story …. and what a journey! Thank heavens I wasn’t in the boat! Well done. Great story!

  2. Hi Iggy,
    good idea for a dangerous journey to school! I probably wouldn’t be able to come up with something as exciting. It would be very hard to stay on coarse with only three oars but if there were two oars and one snapped off you’d have to push through the water on one side, then lift it over your head and push on the other side. That would be very hard and take a very, very long time to get to school. Would you be scared if you were in that same boat?

    • Hi Penny. I think you would be able to come up with something as exciting as THE SHARK INFESTED BAY!!! For me it wasn’t actually that hard to come up with the story. I would be very, very SCARED if I was in the boat. Best regards Iggy.

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