4 thoughts on “More Fun With littleBits 3

  1. Hi Mrs Moore
    I would really like to do little bits because I’ve seen all the stuff you can create with little bits.
    It’s really creative.

  2. Here’s the windmill that I made with two others. It took three sessions one hour and a bit of testing until the light in the front worked and until the the blades on the actual windmill stopped hitting the side. I wonder when robotics is going to start and I also wonder what the videos will come out for robotics.

    • Good morning Penelope. Would you like me to put the video of your windmill onto your page for you as well as leaving it as a post?

      • No thanks,
        Besides, I wasn’t the only one who built it. Are we going to move onto robotics soon? If we are, I can’t wait!

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