Writing Ideas

I have made a new page called “Writing Ideas”. I have put the 2 sites in the posts below onto this page with some writing suggestions. Why not try them?

I have also updated the page “Publishing Ideas Using Technology”. You may like to try some of these ideas. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Writing Ideas

    • WOO HOO Iggy! Isn’t it exciting? We are sooo close to 1000! Keep me posted!
      I know that you are a music lover Iggy and I have just found a fabulously fun site where you can create your own music! Check out my latest post to see what I mean.

      • Hi Mrs Moore. I just realized your comment. It’s fabulous you got beat boxing. And it is true that I am a music lover. I loved doing the young Archie’s for 2015 today. Best regards Iggy.

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