Iggy espanol

Hola mundo. Dende algunos de nuestro clase tener hecho alguno italiano trabajo sobre nuestro clase blog yo decidido a hacer algunos español poemas esperanza usted disfruta ella.

2 thoughts on “Iggy espanol

  1. I can’t understand a single word of that. I changed the website translator onto Spanish and all that happened was a few letters being changed to capital letters. All I new about the Spanish language is that hola means hello, I think. How ling have you been learning Spanish? I only know a few words of French and Italian. Am I right about hola meaning hello? I’ve never heard or seen any Spanish writing before. I think that Spanish is awesome!

  2. Hi Penny. I’ve been learning Spanish for about 1 and half years. Yes you are right about hola meaning hello, amigo. I think Spanish is awesome to. best regards Iggy.

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