My Cranhipkey!


The Cranhipkey!

(Click on the name above to see my poem).   

Well here is my weird and wonderful creature from Switch Zoo. I created my “animal”, and then used the “Snipping Tool” on my computer to take a clip of it. (Search for it on your computer). I saved this to the desktop, and wrote my diamante poem (on the Publishing Using Technology page). I needed to save this as a PDF (it does it for you, just follow the steps in “save”). Then upload both by clicking on the “Add Media” button when in “Posts”.

Why not have a go yourself? I bet you could do a funnier animal with a more interesting poem!

The challenge, should you choose to accept it, is on!

Thank you Claudia! Our first Diamante Poem. Was it for a Switch Zoo creature, or was it just for the joy of writing poems?

awesome by claudia (Click to enlarge).

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