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Sam’s Dangerous Trip to School.


Once upon a morning Sam woke up ready for another boring day of school. Everyday was always the same. Cornflakes, clothes, clean teeth, car, city and classroom. He got up, went to the table where his family were already crunching their cornflakes.

“Top of the morning son,” said his Dad as he did every day.

“Ready for another WONDERFUL day my darling?” chirped his Mum as she did every day.

“Shove a big pole up your nose nincompoop.” snarled his sister like she did every day.

“Ruby!” chorused his Mum and Dad like they did every day.

“Ink-on-poo” said baby Daisy.

Sam reached for the box of cornflakes and tipped them into the same grey bowl he ate from every day. Sighing he grabbed the milk, about to pour it on to his cornflakes. But as he looked down he realised his old grey bowl was writhing with brilliant blue scorpions.

“Leaping Lamingtons” squeaked Sam, dropping the milk on the edge of the bowl, flipping scorpions all over the family.

“My nose!” screamed Ruby as a vicious scorpion stung her right on the snozer.

“#&*$%&%$*” said Dad brushing scorpions from his moustache as they swarmed up his nostrils.

“Daisy!” hollered Mum leaping onto the table, snatching up Dad’s newspaper and expertly fashioning it into a paper sword. She ruthlessly Ninja-ed the scorpions to death before they stung her baby.

“Right” she said, climbing off the table and sweeping the scorpions off into the bin “Clean teeth, clothes and car.”

Sam pretended to brush his teeth as quickly as possible and scrambled into his old school clothes.

“MUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUMMMMMMMMM!” Ruby wailed as she ran down the stairs into the kitchen. Her nose was as swollen and red as a clown’s that had been blown up with a bicycle pump.

“Your face looks like a baboon’s bottom.” said Sam helpfully

“Well YOUR face looks like a squashed cupcake with sprinkles.”

“Cut it out you two and get in the car” growled Dad, “We’re running late”

“I can’t possibly go to school with my face like this” pleaded Ruby.

“You go to school with it like that MOST mornings.” muttered Sam.

“Muuuum” complained Ruby.

“Ok dear, you can have the day off.”

Sam trudged to the car furious that his sister had escaped another boring trip to school.

“The wheels on the bus go round and round…” sang Dad trying to keep Daisy entertained as they crawled another slow couple of centimetres.

Sam pressed his forehead against the car window and gazed at a crane towering above the city.

“I wish that crane could lift us out of this traffic,” joked Dad from the front seat.

Suddenly, the crane lurched towards them, swinging its hook into the roof racks of the car and before Sam could even say “Leaping lamingtons” they were flying.

“Hope those roof racks hold,” said Dad.

“That’ll be the roof racks going Dad,” said Sam

“Ooof-ax,” said Daisy

“Agggh…”screamed Sam and Dad as the car plummeted to the concrete below.

SQUELCH! Went the car as it landed in the wet cement.

CRACK, CRACK, CRACK went the fast drying cement as it instantly hardened, locking the car in an unbreakable grip of death.

“What’s in your pockets son?” Dad enquired with grim determination.

“A giant paperclip, an old hairy lolly and two rubber bands,” said Sam doubtfully

“Perfect,” said Dad as he produced a couple of coins and a lighter.

Slipping the coin into the paperclip he started heating up the coin with the lighter.

“Catapult,” he barked at Sam pointing at the two rubber bands.

“How in the world am I going to make a catapult out of two rubber bands?” thought Sam.

Shake, shake, shake came a sound beside him,

“Shush Daisy I’m thinking said Sam.

Shake, shake, shake.

“Brilliant!” said Sam “I can use your rattle to stretch the rubber band over. Why didn’t you tell me before Daisy?”
“Attle” said Daisy.

Two seconds later Dad was firing red hot coins at the window which shattered with the force and the heat allowing them to scramble outside.

“Five to nine,” said Dad we can make it if we run.

As they ran up the final hill towards school (Dad clutching Daisy under his arm like a footy) Sam saw the Mona fire organ straddling the zebra crossing. He had loved visiting this giant, two storey, fire-breathing, musical sculpture at the Mona festival but what on earth was it doing here?

“Murgh ah blurgh” said the giant organ as it blew fire.

“Murgh ah blurgh” said Daisy as Dad swept them to safety behind the crossing flags.

As the fire organ lumbered around searching for them, Daisy pulled a scorpion from her nappy.

“Orpion!” she shouted flinging the scorpion at the fire organ.

“Bluuuuurgh” moaned the fire organ incinerating the scorpion. Sam grabbed his water bottle to put the scorpion out but when the water hit its smouldering carapace the scorpion’s shell exploded with light, swelling 200 times its normal size.

“Leaping Lamingtons!” Sam and Dad whimpered as the scorpion and fire organ engaged in a fight to the death.

“Quick, while they are at it, we may as well get you to school Sam,” whispered Dad.

They tiptoed to the gate and then Sam let out a groan.


“Day” said Daisy as the fire organ crashed to the ground and the giant scorpion limped away to lick its wounds.

“Nice day for a walk then,” said Dad

“Leaping Lamingtons” grumbled Sam.


 By Claudia and her parents.





Beach Bay

Once upon a time there were 3 children. Their names were Ben, Cooper and Bob. They lived in a rainforest. Every day they have to get to Goulburn street school by boat in a river full of electric eels. On one of the trips to school the boys forgot to take food with them. It was 12 o’clock and school starts at 1. Then Cooper fell overboard. Ben dived into the water to rescue him. Bob, who was only 5 years old, stayed on the boat by himself. He was scared. Then Ben and Cooper came out of the water just in time because it was only 10 minutes for them to get to school. The River had taken them away from their track. It looked like they were lost and they started to get hungry. Finally after they got out of the water they found an aeroplane. How lucky! They arrived just in time for their lessons.                                                                                                                                                                      The end.

I am Matthew

I am Matthew. I go to a school in Hobart. I live with my mum and my dog and my brother Aiden. Do you have a brother and what is his name?


For some years some people were living on an island and they needed to get to the mainland to go to school. The only way to get to school was by rowing boats. But today the bay had very, very big waves and the wind was making the bow and stern rock and roll and the bay was SHARK INFESTED!!! So they rowed the boats out carefully. They rowed and rowed and rowed but they were still only halfway there. Then they felt a tug on one of the oars. The tug got bigger and bigger and eventually the oar SNAPPED OFF!!! Then they saw a fin! There were more and more and eventually there were more sharks than they could count. If they could guess, they thought it WAS ABOUT 20!!! Then they realised the fins belonged to SHARKS!!! They rowed and rowed as fast as they could with only 3 OARS!!! They eventually reached dry land. A man helped them out of the boat as quickly as he could before the waves swallowed it up!!! The end

Dangerous Journeys to School

dangerous journey to school

Image credits: Panjalu Images / Barcroft Media

I found this and many more amazing pictures on Sheena Cameron’s The Writing Book Facebook page.

Why not look at them as a family and create a Dangerous Journey to School Story together.

If your child is a contributor, then he/she could write this straight into a new post. If not, then email it to me and I’ll pop it on for you. I would love to hear of your adventures!

dangerous journeys to school

Plants By Penelope

Hi, I’m Penelope,

and I’m really interested in plants.

I know lots of different types of plants but nowhere near as many as there are on earth I think.

Trees are very important to us for they provide food and oxygen. If we didn’t have trees we probably wouldn’t exist.

Did you know that sunflowers are one of the fastest growing flowers? The biggest sunflower was grown in Germany and reached an amazing 8m while normal sunflowers usually grow to about 3m. Sunflowers are known as fake flowers; each petal is made up of hundreds and hundreds of tiny little flowers.

Some herbs like oregano and rosemary can be added to meals like dinner.

Plants also provide food for pests like slugs and snails. Snails and slugs like eating through cabbage and things like that.

If anyone thinks they know the difference between a fruit and vegetable please say what you think.

Below I have written as many flower names that I can think of but there aren’t just flowers in the plant family.



Lavender, daisy, rose, sunflower, geranium, gerbera, azalea, harebell, cornflower, iris, apple-blossom, lilac, poppy, petunia, dandelion, lotus, tulip, chicory, honeysuckle, forget-me-not, orchid, butter-cup, carnation, hydrangea, waterlily, white-bell and blue-bell.


 (Here is a video of flowers blooming.

Hope you enjoy!

How many plants do you know?

Please do trees, herbs, fruit, bushes, vines or vegetables; not flowers).