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Mythology by Patrick

 Vanity Wasfi Akab via Compfight

Welcome to the wonderful world of mythical creatures! There are lots. There is the Grim Reaper a human skeleton in a black cloak with a scythe. There are fiery, indestructible phoenixes with magical tears and they live for many centuries, and come back alive from the ashes. There is the Rainbow Serpent an Aboriginal mythical creature that is more god than mythical creature. There are dragons that may breathe fire, and are indestructible. There are giants who are very big and witches who make evil potions. There are ogres who are meat-eating giants. The ogres are bad giants. There are fairies that have wings and are magical. The fairies are good and harmless. There are Basilisks who turn you into stone if you look at them. There is the Grim who is a ghost dog. There are Elves who cannot be harmed by the basilisks. There are Shape-Shifters which can turn into anything. There are Griffins who have eagle wings and hind legs and, and a lion head and front legs. There is Unicorns who are magical horses. There are gnomes who are small and mostly have small caps on.   There are mythical creatures all around the world. Most have special powers. There are good and bad ones. Some can both be good and bad. They can also be helpful.   List of mythical creatures: Gnome, Dragon, Giant, Basilisk, Witch, Elf, Griffin, Unicorn, Ogre, Grim Reaper , Rainbow serpent, Shape-shifter, Phoenix, Dwarf, Pixie ,Kraken, Sea Serpent, Hydra, Boggart, Demon, Gorgon, Fairy. Types of Dragon: wind dragon, ice dragon, fire dragon. Types of Giant: ogre, snow giant. Hydra is a three-headed snake. Demons cannot fly but some can and can have many heads and powers. The kraken is a type of sea monster. It resembles the Giant Squid.

Science with 5 cent pieces!

We had great fun yesterday finding out how many drops of water would fit onto a 5 cent piece.  As with our O-Wing glider experiment, we realised different variables would affect this test:

  • how hard we pushed the pipette to create the drops
  • the angle we held the pipette
  • which side of the coin we used
  • whether the coin was dirty or new
  • how close we held the pipette to the coin
  • the person holding the pipette and making the drops would need to remain the same for each test.

We began by estimating how many drops we thought we might be able to fit onto the coin. Most of the children predicted less than 5 drops. Some children predicted less than 10, while a few brave children predicted the coin might be able to hold 20 drops!

There was great excitement when we began our experiment and the children discovered that the coin could actually hold many more drops of water than 20! Our champions (2 groups), managed to get 97 drops onto their coin!

20150724_113949 20150724_114115  20150724_114210  20150724_113937  20150724_114224

Science concepts:

  • water is strongly attracted to itself, resulting in a very strong surface tension
  • the outcome of an experiment can be influenced by many variables.



As we were getting so many new posts for our beep bopping groovy music, I decided to create a page just for these. You will find all of your fabulous music on the page: “INCREDIBOX”

Our Italian Day!

Here are some photos of our Italian Day. It was certainly not all that we did, as I forgot to take photos! It was however, a fun day!


How about some holiday music fun?

music notes with violin keyCreative Commons License photosteve101 via Compfight

I have just found this fabulous virtual music site where you get to create your own music using a group of human beat-boxes (who are REALLY cool)! Loads of fun and some great music to be made – why not give it a go?

You can record the music and then share it, if you have an email address that you can use. Here are 2 that I made – I hope you like them!

For my grade ones! 

For my grade twos!

Click on this link to start making your own music! Have fun!!!

P.S. This site works most of the time, but not always for me. I am not sure why. If you have problems, try copying and pasting these addresses into google chrome.   grade 1   grade 2

Let me know how you go! You can always email your recording to me and then we can play it to the class.

The Adventures of Hung-Ling. By Nicholas


Hung-Ling was amazingly brave, strong and clever for a turtle. He once discovered a magic but dangerous land called wing-land and this is the story of how he did it.

Chapter 1 Wing-land

It was a cold, cold night when I was playing round in the attic. I was looking for some candles when I came across a strange yet beautiful box. It had rubies and diamonds in the sides of it, emeralds on the bottom, sunk into the wood so it didn’t wobble and it also had a golden leaf in the middle of it. As I opened the beautiful box a strong force pulled me right inside the box! The box grew and grew and grew until it started to fade away revealing a beautiful meadow. It had lots of poppy’s dotted here and there, but the main amazing thing was that all the trees were made of leaves. I glanced down at my body. To my surprise I was made of leaves! I then started to explore. I discovered lakes brimming with leaf fish and bushes with heaps of sweet berries, which probably were the only things in this land which weren’t made of leaves! I then thought about how I would get out of this beautiful place, (not that I wanted to), it was just this rumbling noise that made me un-easy. I whispered to myself that I would by safe. Suddenly a hand with a firm grip reached around my neck and pulled me into a bush. The drumming noise suddenly got louder and a terrible sight came to my eyes! There were about 700 humans looking like witches and smelling greatly like rotten cabbages! They were cooking humans and various animals including rabbits, deers and birds … the old African way. I was then lead to the row of cages; I’m not calling it a jail because the cells are way too small. Anyway they locked me in the smallest and the only un-occupied cell in the row. The witch then started to talk to a guard in a crackly voice, “I want this prisoner nice and fat so that we get plenty of food off him!” The guard grunted in agreement. I  started to gaze around. The underground cavern was vast and there were tree roots sticking out of the ceiling like dead moles. I got a bar breaking tool from my pocket and quickly cut a square in the bars and made a break for it. The guard then pressed a button. Sirens blared all around me but I didn’t care, I just wanted to get home. I then got to the trap door. I pushed it open and sun light met my eyes, almost blinding me. I  ran to the box and opened it. It sucked me into it. I materialized in my attic … just in time for a bath!


A Pink Eyed Peacock

Once at the stump of a willow tree, there was a young peacock. An unordinary one though. All the others thought his eye was funny because it wasn’t blue like theirs. It was pink. The other peacocks would never ever let the peacock walk along their stream side path. If the peacock walked up to one of their meetings they would turn their backs in total silence. There was only one peacock who didn’t think that he was silly. Pete the pigeon. Occasionally Pete would fly over from Australia. He came about three times a year, so the peacock (Selina the leaf feathered peacock) hardly ever got any sympathy. Selina tried to ignore the others most of the time and just lounged in the shade of drooping willow leaves. Selina lived by a little pond, bright blue and glowing. She had set up a little habitat beneath the willow leaves. Sometimes the others would come trooping along so Selina would run to the opposite side of the tree to hide. Selina had hired a woodpecker from a nearby animal village and payed him to peck a large hole in the tree so she could live in it. Animal money was usually a small amount of food.

Selina had an older sister called Jacinta, but she would never help. All she cared about was the state of her feathers. She would just go parading around with the other female peacocks. She was pretty much a slave to the leader of the peacocks that paraded. That’s exactly why Jacinta always cared about her feathers (particularly her tail feathers.)

Selina had a business in a close by neighbourhood. She would go out to collect leaves at three in the morning. Then at four she would wander over to the stream before the others were up and parading and she would cross a fallen tree. The river below was rapid and fast flowing. The forest beyond was even worse, with its dark trees and hooting owls. It was so dark that the owls thought that it was night all the time. Wolves that Selina didn’t know about were in there and that is what I’m here to talk about today. She would usually take a path leading straight through the forest to the village, except that path had over the past few years grown too dangerous to take as a route. She would have to wind her way through the undergrowth until she finally found her way; which was pretty much as dangerous as the normal path. As soon as she stepped off the path, she knew she was not alone. Selina crept through the forest, every now and then holding her breath and crossing her feathers whenever she heard a rustle in the leaves. She could hear something following her, and knew that it was not a peacock, but a large hungry, bloodthirsty, animal. She could hear its low growls, sounding like it hadn’t eaten in about three days. Selina took a gulp of despair. Was this the end? It was getting closer by the second until she could feel its cold breath ruffling her feathers and its nose digging into her feathers of leaves. She couldn’t help it so she ran for her life, hoping that running would help. But it didn’t. The wolf was still chasing her, going faster than she could run. It caught hold of her, ripping out a few feathers, and dragging her to an underground lair. It dropped her in a corner saving her for tonight’s supper, or to save her to boil and have peacock flavoured tea. The tunnel like lair was dusty and damp, vines creeping up the edges. The ground was dirty and muddy. She hauled herself even further into the corner finding a rotting wooden trapdoor. She, of course, didn’t notice it and fell in, forcing herself to keep her beak shut.

She quickly slid some of her feathers into one of the rotted out cracks so she didn’t fall. Then she found out what the wolf was saving her for. Selina was hanging, just out of sight, above a boiling cauldron. Three wolves were sitting on logs around it; all of them thin and starving. She could hear the cub’s loud cries for food and the mother pushing the cauldron every now and then to mix the water and deer meat up. She wanted to help them except they were going to boil her! Why would she give her life up to some terrifying creatures that actually wanted to eat her?

She heard a rustle in the leaves again and the snoring of the wolf that caught her before. Then down the muddy entrance slope came Jacinta, with her usually sparkling, but now brown with mud, feathers. Without a word she pulled Selina up.  Now for the tricky part, they had to creep out of the lair without making a sound. The slope was muddy and they only just made it up. It was now five in the morning and the business starts at half past six. As they walked through the forest Jacinta explained that she now didn’t care that she was made of leaves and had pink eyes.