The Adventures of Hung-Ling. By Nicholas


Hung-Ling was amazingly brave, strong and clever for a turtle. He once discovered a magic but dangerous land called wing-land and this is the story of how he did it.

Chapter 1 Wing-land

It was a cold, cold night when I was playing round in the attic. I was looking for some candles when I came across a strange yet beautiful box. It had rubies and diamonds in the sides of it, emeralds on the bottom, sunk into the wood so it didn’t wobble and it also had a golden leaf in the middle of it. As I opened the beautiful box a strong force pulled me right inside the box! The box grew and grew and grew until it started to fade away revealing a beautiful meadow. It had lots of poppy’s dotted here and there, but the main amazing thing was that all the trees were made of leaves. I glanced down at my body. To my surprise I was made of leaves! I then started to explore. I discovered lakes brimming with leaf fish and bushes with heaps of sweet berries, which probably were the only things in this land which weren’t made of leaves! I then thought about how I would get out of this beautiful place, (not that I wanted to), it was just this rumbling noise that made me un-easy. I whispered to myself that I would by safe. Suddenly a hand with a firm grip reached around my neck and pulled me into a bush. The drumming noise suddenly got louder and a terrible sight came to my eyes! There were about 700 humans looking like witches and smelling greatly like rotten cabbages! They were cooking humans and various animals including rabbits, deers and birds … the old African way. I was then lead to the row of cages; I’m not calling it a jail because the cells are way too small. Anyway they locked me in the smallest and the only un-occupied cell in the row. The witch then started to talk to a guard in a crackly voice, “I want this prisoner nice and fat so that we get plenty of food off him!” The guard grunted in agreement. I  started to gaze around. The underground cavern was vast and there were tree roots sticking out of the ceiling like dead moles. I got a bar breaking tool from my pocket and quickly cut a square in the bars and made a break for it. The guard then pressed a button. Sirens blared all around me but I didn’t care, I just wanted to get home. I then got to the trap door. I pushed it open and sun light met my eyes, almost blinding me. I  ran to the box and opened it. It sucked me into it. I materialized in my attic … just in time for a bath!


3 thoughts on “The Adventures of Hung-Ling. By Nicholas

  1. What a FANTASTIC story Nicholas! I loved your idea for this story, and your descriptions are just wonderful (although a little gruesome in parts)! I also loved the way you introduced your story. Where did you get the idea for doing that? I was impressed with your focus whilst you were writing this and the way you could see where you needed to self edit. WELL DONE!

  2. Hi Nicholas,
    I like your descriptive words. I think its cool how at the end its so dramatic and then it just ends up normal so quickly? I also like it how you actually showed which part was the introduction and first chapter. What gave you such a creative idea as getting sucked into a legendary sea turtle’s box? Its good that you gave the chapter a name, because lots of stories I’ve heard didn’t have a name for the chapter, it just had the words Chapter whatever the number is.
    Keep on writing stories.

  3. Wow what an imaginative story, Nick. I shivered at the description of the tree roots. Thank goodness the character found the box and managed to get home again. My favourite part is the turtle’s name, where did you get the idea for that?

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