How about some holiday music fun?

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I have just found this fabulous virtual music site where you get to create your own music using a group of human beat-boxes (who are REALLY cool)! Loads of fun and some great music to be made – why not give it a go?

You can record the music and then share it, if you have an email address that you can use. Here are 2 that I made – I hope you like them!

For my grade ones! 

For my grade twos!

Click on this link to start making your own music! Have fun!!!

P.S. This site works most of the time, but not always for me. I am not sure why. If you have problems, try copying and pasting these addresses into google chrome.   grade 1   grade 2

Let me know how you go! You can always email your recording to me and then we can play it to the class.

3 thoughts on “How about some holiday music fun?

    • I’m glad it is appealing to mums and dads too – it certainly appealed to me! I think we will have to be careful because it could become a bit addictive! Are you going to record one of your tunes? I have added instructions, as it can be a bit puzzling how to get it to show on our blog. Happy beep- bopping!

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