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science week

Making Waves – The Science of Light

Roger (Lola’s Dad), is our very own scientist in schools man! He gets the teachers and children involved in a science challenge across our school every year – and we love working with him!

This year’s challenge was to design a solar powered water heater.

Roger told us that black was the best “colour” for absorbing heat.

But was he right? Our class decided to put this to the test!

The children were asked to design their own experiments using ice cubes and coloured card to test this theory.

You can see some of our designs for this task below, and many more of our exciting Science Week experiments!

We also looked at and made our own optical illusions. Optical Illusions can use color, light and patterns to create images that can be deceptive or misleading to our brains. Check out our illusions in the video below:

Iggy’s fun time at school

Hi my name is Iggy. At school I have a really fun time with my friends I play all sorts of games. IT IS AWESOME!!! I also have a fun at home with my brother Eugene. He can make games before you can say, Davey Jones’ locker. At school I learn SO MUCH!!! I learn SO MUCH because I HAVE A FABULOUS TEACHER!!! I am a music lover too. AND I ABSOLUTELY LOVE SEA CREATURES!!! My favourite animal is A SEAL!!! By Iggy.

Matthew’s Fun Time


My name is Matthew.

I have lots of fun with my family and at school, I have a really fun time. SCHOOL IS AWESOME!!!!

At home I play outdoor games.

I have 3 people in my family.

My Mum my brother and me and my pet dog.

Mindset Videos – a must watch for all!

I have shown these videos a couple of times to the children, and I really love them. I thought I might share them with parents too. They contain some really great messages – not just for children, but for us too! Kids – if your parents are not checking the blog – you may like to go grab them and get them to come and take look a with you.

Minecraft Arrays

 Minecraft Challenge

Making arrays using Minecraft

minecraft array

 This array is 6 rows of 4 or, 6×4 which equals 24.

Can you make your own arrays using Minecraft, take a picture of them and send them to me?

Our Own Blogs! A Note for Parents …

Exciting news! I have just had a visit from the Sue Wyatt (our blog  “guru”), and she suggested that some of the children who have contributor rights for our blog, might like to have their own blog! Woohoo! This will mean that their blogs are linked to our class blog (listed on the sidebar) and everything they do on this blog would still have to have my approval,  or … YOUR approval as parents. The children would get to choose how their blog looks (the background theme) and be able to add pages and widgets to the sidebars. The advantages of doing this through Sue and xpress360 are enormous. It is free and you can add as much content (pictures, etc) as you like. As mentioned previously – everything goes through me, or if you would like to be added as administrators, then you can check and approve their work of a weekend or while on holidays too. I think this is an exciting new adventure for some of our children – it opens up a whole new world  and gives them a reason, a real purpose, for writing.

For this to happen, a few things need, to be in place:

  • Your child needs to be a contributor
  • Grade 2 contributors all have my approval. If your child is in grade 1, I would like to have a chat with you first
  • A letter (email) needs to be written to me and then I will forward it to Sue, by your child explaining why they would like to have a blog and the theme they would like for this blog (their travel adventures, books, dinosuars ….)
  • If you, as a parent, would like administrators rights, then we just need your email address in this letter.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Julie 🙂



The Day Before My Brother’s Birthday!

The day before my brothers birthday, we went to Crocodylus Park. We saw HUGE crocodiles and alligators and also lots of other animals. I got to hold a baby saltwater crocodile.  On my brother’s birthday we went to Leanyer water park and then we went to the wave pool.  I had heaps of fun.  I got totally wiped out!!!!