The beginning of my exciting trip to Darwin

Yesterday we went to the wave pool and it was super exciting.  I got totally wiped out!  The house we are staying at has a pool and they have a dog called Lizzy and a cat, but we can’t remember the name.

2 thoughts on “The beginning of my exciting trip to Darwin

  1. Hi William,
    everyone in the class is jealous that you get to go to Darwin. Now that you’re talking about the wave pool people will get even more jealous. I think that you should make a blog like Nicholas did when he went to America. I hope that some day I’ll get to go to Darwin. Is it warmer in Darwin, or the same temperature? I wouldn’t be able to believe it if it was colder because Tasmania is closer to one of the poles then Darwin. I’m happy there’s a cat because I like cats more than dogs. If you’ve ever seen a cat’s kitten you’d know why. Anyway, keep on having fun!

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