Iggy’s fun time at school

Hi my name is Iggy. At school I have a really fun time with my friends I play all sorts of games. IT IS AWESOME!!! I also have a fun at home with my brother Eugene. He can make games before you can say, Davey Jones’ locker. At school I learn SO MUCH!!! I learn SO MUCH because I HAVE A FABULOUS TEACHER!!! I am a music lover too. AND I ABSOLUTELY LOVE SEA CREATURES!!! My favourite animal is A SEAL!!! By Iggy.

3 thoughts on “Iggy’s fun time at school

  1. Hi Iggy,
    If you have a blog why don’t you put it on your own blog instead of the class blog???
    Although I think your blog is better anyway.

  2. Hi Ines. I can tell you why this post is not on my blog and on Mrs Moore’s blog. It’s because when I did this post I didn’t have a blog. Best regards Iggy.

    • Hi Iggy. I’m sure you had a blog at that time didn’t you?
      Well if you didn’t have a blog I made a mistake sorry Iggy. You were proberly right anyway by.
      From Ines.

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