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Use Your Inference Skills – what’s happening?

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What's going on in this picture?

What’s going on in this picture?

What’s going on in this picture?

What do you see that makes you say that?

What more can you find out?

Tell us what you think by posting a comment.

Xavier and Claudia:

We see it as a tank that has been covered in material to look like junk. We think it has come to destroy the land and then take over and make it their land, also we think that the little boy didn’t know that there were tanks there, because we can just see wheels and we can see something that looks like the cannon.


I think that there has recently been an earthquake and a little boy’s family had been killed in the event of the earthquake so a gang of horrible people stole his home so he is trying to escape by jumping from pile to pile of torn up blankets and other soft materials like that, but behind the pile that the little boy is jumping off there is a giant branch off a tree of one of the people that stole the little boy’s home.


I see the boy is trying to escape the world he lives in. He is scared that the world is polluted.


The little boy looks scared and he’s trying to escape from a gang of terrible people.


We think there was a big earth-quake or war and the boy is escaping from the enemy soldiers and he is jumping off a tank which is camouflaged with cloth to escape. I think the place is very poor.

James and Kate:

We think we can see a very old tank underneath the pile of things.

There are lots of old buildings.




At the beginning of this week we registered to take part in BAD2015, where  a community of bloggers from all over the world have the chance to discuss issues and raise awareness for important social causes. As a whole class we have been working on persuasive writing, so some of our bloggers used this genre to raise their voices about an issue that they felt strongly about. They have chosen topics such as animal cruelty, logging, smoking, conserving power, saving water, and human rights.  I am very proud of these grade 1 and 2 children for the effort they have put into this work! Please take a moment to read some of their writing and leave a comment.

A parent read … Improvement Through Effort and a Positive Mindset

At GSPS we often talk about effort leading to achievement and the importance of persisting with challenges. A positive approach to challenges, a belief that we can improve and learn from failures and that intelligence can be developed is linked to a growth mindset. Dr Carol Dweck from Stanford University is one of the leading researchers in this area and her work shows the benefits of a “growth” mindset over a “fixed” mindset.

Sometimes the language we use can have a big influence on how we approach tasks, e.g. “I can’t do this!” reflects a fixed mindset, whereas “I can’t do this YET!” promotes a sense that we will be able to achieve with effort and time. Many studies show that children with a growth mindset respond differently in challenging situations and do better in school over time.

Developing a growth mindset in your children and the children I teach, is a process that takes time.                 

Have a growth mindset about developing a growth mindset!

Visit this site for some valuable insights:    I have also added the link on our parent page ….


Technology Page Update

Hi bloggers of 1/2 Moore! Just in case you have the holiday blues, or have turned to our blog for a bit of holiday fun; I have updated our “TECHNOLOGY WE LOVE” page with our favourite bits and bobs! Have fun and don’t forget to post your results! 🙂