How do you celebrate Christmas in your country?

In Tasmania  ~

It is summer here, so sometimes when the weather is really nice, some of us take a special picnic lunch to the beach! In Nick’s family they have a “talent show” in the water!

Our families get together and have a special roast meal. We may have to travel to be with our families.

We decorate a Christmas tree – it may be a real tree or a pretend tree.

In Jace’s family one child will dress up as Santa to give out family presents from under the Christmas tree.

In Vincenzo’s family they read a story about baby Jesus before they give out presents.

Some children have breakfast at their own home, lunch with cousins and dinner with some other cousins and grandparents. Sometimes it is waffles, croissants or pancakes for breakfast!

Some children invite others into their homes to celebrate.

In Mira’s home they make up Christmas plays and at the end, the main character throws candy canes at the audience.

Some children hang stockings in their bedroom for Santa’s presents, some children put a pillow case at the end of their beds, some have a special Santa Sack. Large presents may be left beside their beds wrapped up.

Iggy’s grandfather dresses up as Santa and sings Christmas carols.

Some children leave mince pies for Santa and carrots for the reindeer. Some also put reindeer food out – oats with a sprinkle of glitter in it so that the reindeer can see the oats glittering in the moonlight.

What do you do for Christmas?

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