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In our classroom, we won’t say: “I can’t”, instead we will say, “I can try!”
It’s not “I don’t know”. It’s “I’ll give it a go!”

Ormie the Pig puts in amazing effort to get the cookies … will you be like Ormie with the new challenges that will face you this year? I hope so!

Tell me about something that you have found challenging to do, but through effort, you have succeeded.

Walking on stilts was tricky for me when I was 7 … I had lots of falls, but I got there in the end!

We will be celebrating many things in our class this term, but most of all we will celebrate our successes!

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  1. What is the most challenging thing that you have done in your life Mrs Moore?
    Mine was learning to read, but I am an independent reader now!

    • Hello Imi and welcome to the world of blogging!
      Sometimes I find teaching challenging as there is so much to do! I also have a lot of new learning to do so that I can teach you guys in the very best way that I can! (But I must say I LOVE new learning and I love teaching!) Do you like learning new things at school Imi?

  2. When I was younger I found ice-skating hard. What did you find hard when you where younger?
    Also I really liked how you set up the blog.

    • Hi Alan,
      I still find ice skating hard, but if I get the opportunity to go again, I am going to conquer it! Would you believe I found Maths really hard when I was young? I had to work very hard to understand a lot of the things we had to learn. I wish they taught maths then the same way that they do now!
      A great first comment Alan! Welcome to the world of blogging!

  3. Hi Mrs Moore.
    I like the blog now it’s really cool.
    I used to not be able to do cartwheels now it’s easier then ever.
    Do you have anything that was hard once?

    • Oh my Maude!
      I always found cartwheels so hard that I am afraid to say that I gave up! I didn’t know about growth mindset until a couple of years ago, so I am very sorry to say that there have been a lot of things that I have given up on … and oh how I regret that now! Think about how well you will do in life with the right mindset! Wow! There are so many opportunities out there for you!
      Here is a challenge right now! Would you like to have your own page on our blog?

  4. Hi Mrs Moore,
    I really liked about Ormie the pig is that when he finally got the cookie in his hand an then the jar fell on his head!!!!! What was your favourite part on Ormie the pig?????

  5. Hi Mrs Moore.
    I really like Ormi the pig. My favourite bit is when the bowl falls on his head. Do you have a favourite bit in Ormi the pig?

    • Hi Maude,
      Yes I do have a favourite bit. I really like it at the beginning when Ormi floats in the air smelling the cookies for the first time and little love hearts float around him.
      I also like that he doesn’t give up trying to get those cookies!

  6. When I was in prep I thought I wouldn’t be able to do multiplication or division. Now I can. Hey Mira, what did you find tricky when you were smaller?

    • My goodness me Didier! Just look at you now! You are a champion with your Maths. Goes to show what practice and effort can do!

  7. From Mira, to Didier.
    I used to find swimming really hard.
    Bye the way, thanks for asking me a question!
    It means that I can have someone to comment to.
    What would you do if you wanted the cookies?

    • From Didier to Mira,
      Thank you for your question. I would cut the fridge in half with a chainsaw and push the top half of the fridge off so the cookies fall down. How would you get the cookies?

      • From Mira, to Didier.
        I would cut down a tree, bring it to the fridge, nail it down, climb it, then get the cookies. By the way, your way of getting the cookies reminded me of something I once read in a book. What would you use a tree for?

        • From Didier to Mira.
          I would use a tree for a treehouse like the one that George and Harold have in captain underpants and the treehouse in Andy Griffiths’s treehouse series mixed together. What books are you interested in?

          • I really like the little fur books. I’ve read the treehouse books too.
            Do you like making potions? Because Little fur does.

          • From Didier to Mira
            I don’t really like making potions.
            I don’t know why.
            Why do you like making potions?

  8. Ormie the pig really funny and incredibox is really fun. Thanks for putting them on the blog.
    I really do like the 1\2moore blog. I would like my one page or blog. Do you think I will be able to have a page or blog Mrs Moore?

    • Yes Bruno … I do think that you will be able to have your own page, and if you keep up your amazing work ethic, I think that you might possibly get your own blog!

  9. Dear Mrs. Moore’s Class,
    Thank you for the pig video. It was super funny. We had to do a presentation about a great person. It was hard but we succeeded.What was one of your successes this year?
    From, Henry, Sage and Jackson

  10. Dear Mrs. Moore’s class,
    We liked the video because the pig kept on trying to get the cookies off the refrigerator and the pig never gave up to get them. Thanks for the great post. We are from Mrs. Amri’s class in Oregon.
    From, Max and Emi

  11. Hi Mrs. Moore ,
    Ormie the pig is hilarious ! He is funny and I love him! I had trouble with multiplication but with lots of practice I am getting better. Same with my swimming. I am trying every week during my lessons to swim better.

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