World Read Aloud Day


Imagine a world where everyone can read…

Read Aloud. Change the World.


What kind of reading makes you curious and fills you with wonder?

 . What would you turn a box into? Let your imagination run wild!

 . What are you most curious about right now? Why do you think it is good to be curious?

 . Think of a time you saw something interesting, read something cool, or met someone new. What did you do to learn more?

6 thoughts on “World Read Aloud Day

  1. I would turn a box in to a surf board? or a video game machine? that only lets you play for half an hour each day⏱. Hey Mrs Moore what would you turn a box into?

    • I would turn it into my personalised computer robot. It would do my grocery shopping for me! This is something in my life that I really do NOT like doing!

      • I would turn a box into an anything box so you press a button on the box and you say what you want it to turn into or do for you!!!

  2. If I had a box, I would turn it into a time machine. I would like to go back a 140 millions years to see Spinosaurus but to be safe, I will turn another box into an invincible armour to protect myself.

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