March 3

Wild Lola

Hi everybody welcome to my page. On this I will give you lots of information. Firstly I will start with bush tucker.

bush tucker

Firstly: it tasted funny but after you have tried it a few times it is nice.

Secondly I know that it is edible.

Thirdly its called cyathodes parvifolia or mountain berry.

March 3

Samara with PUGS!!!!!

Pug Puppy Bailey PugginsCreative Commons License DaPuglet via Compfight

Hi, as you can see I love PUGS!!!! They are awesome!! I have always wanted a pug called Ruffles. I have seen pugs before on the streets and I always say to my self “I want that pug!!!!” I would walk the pug on a lead on a beach everyday if I could. I  dream about pugs, and I have always loved pugs since I was in kinder.

What is your favourite dog???