Maude with guinea pigs

Food! Rachel Gardner via Compfight

Hi, as you can see I love guinea pigs. They are awesome!! I see them all the time because my cousins have two guinea pigs.

Did you now that I might be getting two guinea pigs for my birthday this year?!! I am so excited!

What do you think are some good names for a guinea pig?

7 thoughts on “Maude with guinea pigs

  1. Hi Maude, I think a good names for Guinea pigs are…..
    Flo-Florence, Gaston, Marshmallow, Toffee and Rafie.

  2. I looooove guinea pigs but Pugs are way cuter, awesomer and waaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy more fun the little weird Guinea pigs.

    Why do you like Guinea pigs so much Maude and not Pugs???? And
    Who discovered Guinea pigs and when?????

    • Hi Samara I do like pugs a little bit but not as much as guinea pigs.
      the reason way I love guinea pigs is because
      they’re small, they’re also cute and I see them a lot.
      Why do you like pugs so much?

  3. This is so great to see you bloggers debating cute pets! What responsibilities come with having your own pet?
    Maudes Mum – Danielle

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