Wild Lola

Hi everybody welcome to my page. On this I will give you lots of information. Firstly I will start with bush tucker.

bush tucker

Firstly: it tasted funny but after you have tried it a few times it is nice.

Secondly I know that it is edible.

Thirdly its called cyathodes parvifolia or mountain berry.

4 thoughts on “Wild Lola

  1. Hi Lola. I love your page.
    It is great.
    My favourite plant to eat is Rosemary.
    Do you have another favorite type of plant that’s edible ?

  2. G’day Lola,
    This post has been added to the Tassie students blogging magazine which can be seen on the sidebar of the main xpress360 blog. In fact your image is used for the front cover at the moment. Do I have your permission to use the image as it looks like it is one taken by you or a member of your family?

    • Hi Miss W.
      You do have my permission for the photo and yes I did take it. Thank you for putting the photo on the front of the magazine. It made me happy! How do you get the pages to flip like a book?

  3. Hi Lola,
    When the flipboard first began a few years ago there were arrows on either side to flip the book but I think now it scrolls down the page instead if you are using a desktop computer.

    If using an ipad with the flipboard app, you swipe left or right or you can use the circles at the bottom of the screen.

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