Samara’s trip to London and Dubai

Hi everybody?! I am having an awesome time away so far ??When  we got to the Hobart airport we had to wait 2 hours till our plane arrived and then we got to Melbourne which took about 1 hour to get there. Then we had to wait 5 hours to get on a plane to Dubai which took 14 hours to get there!  We were in Dubai for 5 nights and then we went to London and we are there for 3 weeks??????And we are going to see the castles and we went to Lego land and we are going to the London zoo and in Dubai we went to old souks and gold souks. Souks are like a market but in Dubai most of them speak the language Arabic and they come out and try and get you to go in to their shop because they are fighting to get more tourists than the other stores. Say it was a scarf shop they would come out and put one of there best scarfs onto your neck and they would take you into their shop and try and get you to buy it ?? so that is what I have done so far??????

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