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Ocean poems.

The deep blue sea is as deep as can be

All the tropical fish amaze me!

All the coral is as pretty as can be

The ocean astonishes me!

body guardsCreative Commons License Paolo Gamba via Compfight Brook Ward via Compfight

The deep is amazing

All the coral, all the fish

All the FUN in the sea

One day I hope it can be

So magical to you, and me!

What do you think about the sea? 

JinWoo’s Trip to the Zoo

I went to the zoo. I saw lots of animals. My favourites were the crocodiles. I saw 2 saltwater crocodiles and I think I saw 7 freshwater crocodiles. I also liked the snakes. Most of the snakes were big. Some of the biggest snakes were the ones that squeeze. The biggest one was about 8 meters and it wasn’t even a grown up! I also liked the elephants. They were huge. They were also Asian elephants. Then I went to the bottom of  the zoo and took the cable car to to the top. I also saw the seal show. I got some pictures of the animals. The best pictures were of monkeys. I saw lots of coy, they look a bit like gold fish but they are huge! I also liked the gorillas. There were baby gorillas. I think  the gorillas favourite thing was climbing.

Underwater Gharial Mike Prince via Compfig

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My Trip to Melbourne


I went to Melbourne for a wedding and I was the flower girl. It was great fun! My dad’s cousin Phoebe was getting married to George. I had to stay up really late and we had lots of yummy things to eat. There was a lot of French food because George is French.

I went to the aquarium and the zoo in Melbourne too.

What is your favourite place to visit in Melbourne?