JinWoo’s Trip to the Zoo

I went to the zoo. I saw lots of animals. My favourites were the crocodiles. I saw 2 saltwater crocodiles and I think I saw 7 freshwater crocodiles. I also liked the snakes. Most of the snakes were big. Some of the biggest snakes were the ones that squeeze. The biggest one was about 8 meters and it wasn’t even a grown up! I also liked the elephants. They were huge. They were also Asian elephants. Then I went to the bottom of  the zoo and took the cable car to to the top. I also saw the seal show. I got some pictures of the animals. The best pictures were of monkeys. I saw lots of coy, they look a bit like gold fish but they are huge! I also liked the gorillas. There were baby gorillas. I think  the gorillas favourite thing was climbing.

Underwater Gharial Mike Prince via Compfig

DSC_0148 Rachid H via CompfightP1290026 Frank FF47 via Compfight


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  1. My favourite animal is a pug or a greyhound. I am not to sure which, because I like both of them the same amount.

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