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If Animals Were Round …

I couldn’t find the original clip of this that I showed you. This version is the same except for the little breaks in-between each animal story. So be patient, and watch the video all the way through. Enjoy!

Here’s one about meerkats …

Choose an animal and draw it VERY round. Think, what might happen next … draw that into your picture too. Using the iPad, take a photo of your drawing and I will add them to this post. Can’t wait to see your ideas!



Two things happen to this snake.

  1.  He floats away and gets caught in a tree.
  2.  He gets stuck in his burrow and is still there at night, so two desert mice have to pull him out!

By Mira

A funny Story About My Dog and Things My Dog Loves!! By Samara

Hi everybody I am going to tell you a funny story about my dog!! I have a dog called Cody she is 3 years old. And she is a Greyhound. She loves pats and hugs. She also loves her toy rabbit (that was mine). It is the favourite toy she has. It appears in random places like the  back lawn and on my bedroom floor!! On the 23/06/16 when we got home, Cody was inside!! We had definitely locked her outside when we left for school, but when we came home she was sleeping on top of Mum’s bed!! We looked all around the house and there were no holes or doors left open so we have no idea how she got inside!!

My dog Miso by Maude

My Golden Retriver - Lara ikopix via Compfight ikopix via Compfight Hi every body I like dogs and I have a dog called Miso. It is a girl and she is a rather big dog because she is a golden retriever. I got her from the hospital when I was 4 or 5. She looks scary but she is the nicest dog I have ever met.  We got her a new mat for her bed. She sleeps in a box thing made of wood but on cold nights she sleeps inside for a little bit because when we got her she stayed inside and she ate a library book and we had to pay for it. Her favourite toy is a ball. She has lots of balls and  her favourite food is a special type of  meat. She sometimes barks but that’s only when someone comes in the gate or when she is lonely. She is normally is ok.

What is your favourite type of dog?



All about my greyhound I am getting By Samara.

Hello everybody!!  On the 17/6/16 I am getting a greyhound called Cody. Cody is 3 years old and Cody is a girl. she use to be a racing dog. I have met her and walked her already. I don’t no what the place is called where we are getting her from but I do know that we walked her on soldiers memorial on a hour and a half walk. It rained for about 5 mins and it was very muddy when we were walking her. Greyhounds have to wear a muzzle when you take them out for a walk because when she use to race she would chase a toy rabbit.


Pattern and Play Excursion

At the beginning of this term we went to the Patterns and Play exhibition at the Tasmanian Museum. We had great fun and particularly enjoyed this activity. Thank you Claudia for putting this movie together for us.

My new puppy

My family got a new puppy on Friday. He is a border collie (9 weeks old) called Clari. He is really cute and is very playful.


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