My dog Miso by Maude

My Golden Retriver - Lara ikopix via Compfight ikopix via Compfight Hi every body I like dogs and I have a dog called Miso. It is a girl and she is a rather big dog because she is a golden retriever. I got her from the hospital when I was 4 or 5. She looks scary but she is the nicest dog I have ever met.  We got her a new mat for her bed. She sleeps in a box thing made of wood but on cold nights she sleeps inside for a little bit because when we got her she stayed inside and she ate a library book and we had to pay for it. Her favourite toy is a ball. She has lots of balls and  her favourite food is a special type of  meat. She sometimes barks but that’s only when someone comes in the gate or when she is lonely. She is normally is ok.

What is your favourite type of dog?



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