18 thoughts on “JinWoo’s Travels

  1. WOW that looks AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I’ve been to a aquarium before and I saw a crocodile. Can you name me one animal?

  2. Hi JinWoo, I have been to a aquarium in Dubai before.

    When you went to the aquarium did you see a sea snake??

    from Alex and Samara

  3. Hi JinWoo,
    Eli’s nearly got bitten by a giant crab as big as his pencil case. By the way, you’ve got a nice hairdo, and also, what’s kimchi?

  4. Hi Jinwoo, that looks so fun I wish I was there with you . We have both been out of Australia as well . It looks amazing but we are wondering where you stayed?

    from Rosemary and Maude.

  5. From Mira, to Jinwoo.
    Great work Jinwoo!!! Looks like you’re having fun!
    The houses there look like a bit like the ones I saw in India. What did the palace you saw look like? (By the way, I like your haircut!) I wish I could go to Korea!

  6. Hi JinWoo, I have been to an aquarium before except it was in Melbourne. You must be having loads of fun. Have you had a nice time?

  7. Hi JinWoo,
    Does Korea speak a different language? 🙁
    I hope you’re having a great time!
    From Imy and Jack.

  8. JinWoo you have done a marvelous job with all of your diary entries! Well done! I particularly like the drawing of the tower – perhaps you will do engineering when you are at uni! Looking forward to seeing you next term. Mrs Moore.

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