JinWoo’s Rhymes with Adverbs

Clearly and nearly hopelessly light,

the young sheep set out at midnight.


Easily bravely, not very strong

The frog sang his very first song.

2 thoughts on “JinWoo’s Rhymes with Adverbs

    • Hi Samara – it is lovely to hear from you and I am thrilled that you have started your own blog! We will have to get Maude onto that too!
      First of all make sure that you have your photo saved somewhere on the computer you are using – in Pictures for example. Go to Posts, then Add new then upload files to select files. Click on the place you have your photo saved and then click on the picture you would like to insert. On the bottom right of your screen it says insert into post. Click on that button and your photo should be ready to go.
      Hoping that you are enjoying Melbourne – and I will look forward to checking your blog regularly!

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