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Welcome to Samara’s New Blog

What wonderful news to wake up to this morning! Samara has started her own blog! This will be a great way for us to communicate with her – well done Samara!

I have added a link to Samara’s new blog under “Class Blogs we Follow”. (Not a class I know, but the best place, I think, at the moment).

Please let me know if you run into any problems Samara and I will gladly help out – as Sue does for me! However, the Edublog’s User Guide currently on your home page, along with the other suggested sites, will help to get you started.

Cheers for now Samara and 1/2 Moore – let’s keep blogging!

What I did over Christmas!

Hi! I am going to tell you what I did over Christmas. So first we went to Hobart airport on December 24. When we arrived at the airport are flight was suddenly delayed by 3 hours!!!! So we went to Richmond while we waited for the 3 hours. Next we flew to Avalon airport not Melbourne airport because Avalon airport was closer to where we were going. When we arrived at Avalon we met our cousins there and then my uncle drove us to Torquey (where we were staying) and we went to the resort that we were staying at. On Christmas we ate turkey and went to the beach. On New Year’s Eve we walked along the beach and sat on the ground with glow in the dark balloons and glow sticks. Me and my cousins walked out of are apartment and walked around the resort with the balloons and glow sticks. So the we stayed up till midnight and watched the countdown to 2017!! A few days after that I did a surfing lesson and learnt how to surf!! For the next few days we went to the beach 3 days in a row and for the second day at the beach my cousins friends sisters were there. They were going into grade 4 like me and one of them was in my class at Parkmore Primary so that was really fun. Then on the last day we left on the 7/1/2017 (well today) we left at 7:00 in the morning to the airport and got there at 8:00. So that is all I have done so far in the holidays.