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Welcome Class of 2017 – 2/3 M!

Welcome to a new year of blogging! I hope all students in my class this year will participate in our blogging challenges and learn lots of great technology and cyber safety along the way. 

Don’t forget to have your parents sign your blog letter, giving you permission to be involved and to allow your photo to be posted. 

Your first task is to decide which class pet you would like for 2017. Place your vote below!

Saving the World from Pollution

Pollution is bad for the planet, it already has and will kill thousands of fish. People all over the world have polluted only for self-satisfaction, but what they are forgetting is how many fish lives they put in danger by doing so. Pollution is also called disambiguation. To protect the environment most countries have found ways to slow pollution in their city. Pollution can look like chemical substances or energy such as noise, heat or light.