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All about Ligers by JinWoo

Ligers are a mix between a male lion and a female tiger. They sort of look like a white tiger or a yellow tiger. They are carnivores, that means they eat meat. Ligers like lazing around and lying in the sun like lizards. They’re white and have got blackish stripes. They have shaggy manes and usually have a white and black striped tail.White Tiger Glare [224/365] Knight725 via Compfight

I hear Alex likes Dachshunds! So do I!

Hi Alex! We love miniature dachshunds in our family and my daughter would love to own one! I have just bought this mug for her – what do you think of it?

Then there’s a dog I follow on Instagram (he makes me smile every day) called Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund. I think these clips are fun …. what do you think?

There are lots more … but I need to control myself! I haven’t seen a cricket one, but as he lives in Canada – perhaps we won’t! Maybe we should do a cricket movie with you as the star! Are you up for the challenge Alex?

All About Me [Alex]

Hello. My name is Alex. I am in grade 2. My favourite foods are pizza, chicken with chips, a banana, and more. My favourite sports are soccer and cricket. I live in Hobart, Tasmania. My granny lives in a small town called Latrobe. I like a band called The Beatles. Their names are… John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, and George Harrison. My favourite animal is dogs. I also like vacuums. 

The Beatles - Help !Creative Commons License Piano Piano! via Compfight
Golden Retriever Puppies Uwe Mäurer via Compfight
Vacuum Cleaners Leonie via Compfight

All About Me Ash

Hello my name is Ash. I live in Tasmania. My favourite thing is Pokemon.  I love animals. My second favourite animal is the thylacine (Tasmanian Tiger). It is now extinct. Scientists say that thylacines have almost the same blood as the Tasmanian devil.

Arthur Chapman via CompfightThylacine 

I also like imaginary friends! My best friends are Luca, Lily, Fin, Luke, Will and Abi.  

All About Me (Jinwoo)

234A7209.jpg Mark Dumont via Compfight

Hi, I am 7 and I was born in South Korea. I’m turning 8 this year. I love reading and playing. I live in Tasmania-Hobart. I go to a good school in Hobart and also I’m in grade 2.  I like nature and sports. My favourite sport is cricket and soccer. I also like AFL and basketball. My favourite subjects are science, art, history and maths.  I have 2 brothers and one sister. I’m the oldest out of my brothers and sister. My favourite animal is a tiger cub. I also like ligers and wallabies and if you don’t know what a liger is, its a mix between a lion and a tiger. But my most favourite animals are dinosaurs! I also like kangaroos and lions. I have a big garden, and in my garden I have a rope swing.

All About Me-(Bruno)

Hi my name is Bruno, I am eight years old and I am in grade two. I go to a school in Hobart and I was born in England and I moved to Hobart when I was two. My favourite animal is a tiger cub. I love sports and my favourite subject in school is science and writing. I like the other subjects too like history and other stuff like that. I love discovering and learning new things. I don’t really have a favourite food, but I wonder if you do? My brother and my sister are called Kitty and Vinnie. I have one last question. Do you have a blog? If you do, can you let me know your blog URL because then I might be able to comment. I hope you liked this post. I’ll see you on the next one!        

Linus Leijon photograpy via Compfight


Creative Commons License Dave Pape via Compfight

All About William

Calvillo apartando a Michu Dawlad Ast via

Sport is my passion – football, soccer and hockey. I was born in Tassie and I am in grade 2.  I have 1 sister named Annie.  I am 8 years old.  I live in Australia which I love. My favourite band is Guns and Roses. I like cleaning up in the house especially vacuuming. I like to hang out with my friends Harry, Ryan, Jesse, Bruno, Kitty, Jinwoo, Brook, Zeke, Dan,  Matty, Xavier, Finn and Yves. 

My dad was born in England. He has two brothers named (Andrew and Michael). He moved to our country called Australia when he was 5 years old.

Mum was born in Launceston, her mum- my nana is one of 17 children. My grandad is one of  8 kids…. That’s such a lot of kids, food and washing !

My class blog is for anyone. It’s so cool so get blogging today! I hope you enjoy my first post-Will 😎



Scratch. Welcome to the World of Coding!

As holidays are fast approaching, I thought some of you may like to start experimenting with Scratch

Scratch is a programming language, created by MIT, that makes it easy to create interactive art, stories, simulations and games.

This digibook will introduce you to Scratch and get you making your very own interactive holiday card.

There are several short videos listed as chapters on the bottom left of the screen. Work through each chapter with Scratch opened in a new tab (, so that you can go between the two sites. The only condition I have at this stage, is for you to either use the images called “sprites” within Scratch, or make your own. I do not want you uploading your own images until you know more about copyright.|Primary_email|20161115#!/digibook/2427023/introduction-to-scratch 

Have fun!