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Hi! I’m Georgie and I love sports. My sports are… soccer , skating , bike riding and swimming. I love animals no matter what. I am friendly and curious and I love to start conversations. My best friends are Olive, Ida , Kitty, Rosie, Penny and Brook. I love to read and spread my imagination and thinking. I would love to have a puppy in my life. I live in Hobart at a great school. Please leave me a comment for me. Bye bye!

9 thoughts on “About Me – Georgina

  1. Welcome to the world of blogging Georgina! I just know that you will love it! If I was to add anything to your “About Me” post, I would say … “Meet Georgina. She has the most amazing growth mindset, and is one of the most positive children I have ever met!” You find the good in everyone and everything Georgina! Keep on being you!

    • Hi 4/5 McKee. Can you please tell me your blog web site so I can see all the great work you’ve done. Students please reaply to me, about who you are. From Georgina

    • Sorry Mrs Moore my comment went to the wrong address. My mum and dad loved the comment you sent me. bye 🙂

  2. Hi Georgina,
    We are a new blogging class and we thought we would leave you a comment.Your description of your interests was really well explained.

    Nerida, in our class, also enjoys swimming and reading.
    Callan also enjoys sports especially soccer.
    Sophie also loves animals particularly horses.

    We are 4/5 McKee in Hobart.

  3. I absolutely love your all about me post! Oops I forgot too say it’s Kitty here. I really love animals too! 🙂

  4. Hi Georgina. This is Alex. Your All About Me post was very awesome. What kind of puppy would you like to get? My Granny has a Miniature Dachshund… a sausage dog! See you next term.

  5. Hi Georgina,
    I loved reading your post about your interests and especially the way you included some of your strengths. You certainly are friendly and very creative.
    Your positive nature comes through as well and examples of this are how you greet people and how you encourage others with their blog posts.
    Maybe you can start a conversation with me at school about the books you like to read.

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