All About Ada

Hello my name is Ada.

I love rabbits and blueberries.

I am in a 2/3 class and I am in grade 3 .

I love running carnivals and it was my first time and I got 2 firsts,  1 second,  1 third. I am so happy.

My birthday is June the 26. I was born in 2008 and I am 8.

6 thoughts on “All About Ada

  1. A fabulously impressive looking post Ada! You have set it out beautifully – obviously taking time, care and thought with your presentation. I love that you could work out how to add a picture to our blog without me teaching you – well done! Another great blogger in our midst I am thinking! If I could add anything to your “About Me Page” I would say that you have the strength of creativity – your work is original and “yours!” The fact that you have also found the strength of “love of learning” this year is extremely exciting Ada! Well done! 🙂

  2. Hi Ada,
    I enjoyed reading your blog entry and I share your love of blueberries (I aim to have some every morning with my breakfast!)
    Your strength of zest/energy was clear in the running carnival and you will get to have a chance at the cross country soon. I look forward to that!
    Miss Cumming

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