I like star wars and  ROBLOX.  I hope you like the blog.

I love the school its so fun.  The sports I like are cricket and AFL(FOOTBALL). I also like  handball and soccer.Stormtrooper Dellboyy Art via Compfight   

On our blog you should go onto the “technology we love” page  because its so much fun!

I also like MINECRAFT.

Looks like someone diedCreative Commons License Wesley Fryer via Compfight

We like “Just Dance” in our class. It’s good exercise. It’s so fun! I’m in grade 3. I HOPE YOU LIKE THE blog!

Tough dino William Hanlon via Compfight

8 thoughts on “ALL ABOUT ME (FIN)

  1. WOW Fin! I didn’t know that you knew how to add pictures to a post so well, and I am certainly glad that there is so much fun in the things we do at school! I think if I was to add anything to your “About Me” post, I would say … that you are THE MOST FOCUSSED PERSON in our room when it comes to our work times! You have the amazing ability to listen well to instructions, move away to your desk spot and go straight on with your work without allowing any distractions get in your way! Not many children have this ability Fin … well done you!

  2. I love school! I agree that that school is great fun! I also love just dance too. It is great exercise in a fun way.

  3. Hi Fin,
    I liked reading your blog and seeing the pictures you’d posted. It was great to read Mrs Moore’s comment about how well you listen and focus in class, showing your strengths in attention and love of learning – well done!
    Miss Cumming

  4. Fin if i were to choose out of Minecraft or YouTube I would choose YouTube. Youtube is a way to try new things and entertain your self.
    Talk to you soon Fin.

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