All about me (Brook).

Hi. My name is Brook. I’m 8 years old. I have three older sisters. The older one is Kayla, then Hannah, then Charlotte. I’m the youngest. My favourite animals are dogs, birds, cats, lions, tigers and chimpanzee. I live in Hobart. My favourite food is apples. My best friends are Kitty, Stella, Rosie, Olive, Greta, Isabelle, Bruno, Ruth, Will, Charlotte, Hannah and Kayla.

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4 thoughts on “All about me (Brook).

  1. Hi Brook. Well I certainly learnt something about you and Charlotte that I didn’t know! I did not know that you both had 2 older sisters! How old are they? I think my favourite animals are dogs too … they are so loyal and loving! If I could add anything to your About Me post Brook, I would say that you have the strength of wisdom and knowledge. You have a love of learning and an enjoyment of mastering new skills. Keep this strength going Brook! It is a good one to have forever! I am certainly still learning all of the time!

  2. Hello Brook. I love pugs and miniature schnauzers. I know you love Teddy. I love apples and water melon and also mango. Do you like them too? I am the youngest in my family too!πŸ™‚πŸΎπŸ…

  3. Brook your about me post is amazing. I love it. I like cats but probably not as much as you do! I have a dog and I love it too. Do you have a dog and love it?

  4. Hi Brook,
    I enjoyed reading about your family members. I have two brothers and a sister. They all live in Victoria. I grew up on a farm in Victoria…we had lots of pets, including a kangaroo, a parrot and lambs.
    Miss Cumming

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