All About Me (Rosie)

Hi. My name is Rosie and I love penguins. They are my favourite animal but I love all animals! My best friends are: Kitty,  Ruth, Pixie (my dog), Grace, Amelie (my cousin), Georgina, Stella and Olive. I like adventures and exploring different places. I live in Hobart and I go to a wonderful school. So that’s my life. Thanks for reading. Bye.

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5 thoughts on “All About Me (Rosie)

  1. Hi Rosie. I love penguins too! They are so adorable and the life of an Emperor Penguin is amazing! Have you seen Happy Feet? It is one of my favourite children’s movies! You can also learn a lot about penguins from this film. If I could add anything to your All About Me page Rosie, I would say that you have the strength of “justice”. You are able to work well in groups, ensuring all is fair. You are also loyal to your friends, willing to help them out if it is required. Keep blogging Rosie; I will look forward to your next post. Perhaps it will be more about penguins?

  2. I’ve heard a lot about pixie also I love penguins too. I know you are a big fan of them also. I like adventures too. I also agree that the school we go to is great!!!🙂😉

  3. Yes Mrs. Moore I have seen happy feet and it is a good movie I like all the baby chicks in it they are my favourite. my favourite penguin is not an Emperor penguin it is a fiary penguin instead.

  4. Hi Rosie,
    I have seen ‘little penguins’ on Bruny Island and I really like the species that has the ‘hairdo’ – I think it is the ‘rockhopper’
    My favourite Australian animal is the platypus. It’s special for it’s looks and because it is a monotreme – a mammal that lays eggs. Do you know the other species that is a monotreme?
    Miss Cumming

  5. I think the other monotreme is the echidna Miss Cumming. Your right about that the rockhopper penguin that has the yellow thingy on it’s head and the king penguin has the yellow thingy too. That’s why it’s called the king penguin. Do you know how many species of penguin there are?

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