6 thoughts on “All About Me – Zeke

  1. Mrs Moore

    Hi Zeke. Thank you for writing this post, and thank you for checking your spelling so carefully! This is the only “All About Me” post where I have not had to correct lots of spelling mistakes! Your perseverance to get your spelling correct, is to be greatly admired! If I could add anything to your post, I would say that you have the strength of courage and perseverance. You can certainly do some amazing tricks on your skateboard and BMX bike! These must have taken a lot of practice … and courage to tackle in the first place!

  2. gou21kitty

    Dear Zeke. I don’t have a bmx I’m sorry to say. I have seen you on your scooter stunts and skateboard stunts – i’ts really amazing! I can’t ride a skateboard. I’m not as good as you on your scooter but I’m not going to give up. I am going to have a growth mindset.

  3. gou20georgina

    hi zeke, i’m sorry but don’t have bmx :(. i love your AWESOME moves.
    keep on inproving on your sunts!

  4. gou20oscar

    I absolutely love a bmx any day. Sadly I don’t have one. Also, once at the skate park one almost ran me over! Bye and I hope you don’t get run over!

  5. Gay Cumming

    I liked your moves at the skatepark, Zeke. I can see that you have practised and put in effort to learn new moves and get better at them, well done!
    I have a mountain bike and a road bike. I like going fast on the road bike (but not with lots of traffic on the road). When I’m on the mountain bike I enjoy being on tracks in the bush (but I’m not as good as you in going over bumps!)
    Miss Cumming

  6. gou21jinwoo (Post author)

    nice zeke you good on your scooter. I don’t have a BMX but I do have a bike.


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