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Sport is my passion – football, soccer and hockey. I was born in Tassie and I am in grade 2.  I have 1 sister named Annie.  I am 8 years old.  I live in Australia which I love. My favourite band is Guns and Roses. I like cleaning up in the house especially vacuuming. I like to hang out with my friends Harry, Ryan, Jesse, Bruno, Kitty, Jinwoo, Brook, Zeke, Dan,  Matty, Xavier, Finn and Yves. 

My dad was born in England. He has two brothers named (Andrew and Michael). He moved to our country called Australia when he was 5 years old.

Mum was born in Launceston, her mum- my nana is one of 17 children. My grandad is one of  8 kids…. That’s such a lot of kids, food and washing !

My class blog is for anyone. It’s so cool so get blogging today! I hope you enjoy my first post-Will 😎



3 thoughts on “All About William

  1. What a fantastic first post William – so much detail and new learning for me! Fancy being one of 17 children – that is just too much to imagine!

    I know that you love sports and that you have many friends. I also know that you love Guns and Roses – I promise to play some for the class in term 2! Do you think the class will like all of their music? I wonder if Alex will find a new band to explore? You should suggest this band to Zeke. I think they will appeal to him. My favourite song of theirs would be “November Rain” and I also love “Sweet Child of Mine”. What is your favourite song?

    William, if I was to add anything to your “All About Me” post, I would say that you have the strength of humour and playfulness! It is lovely to share a joke with you in class and to watch your enthusiasm for learning!

  2. Hello William,
    I really enjoyed reading your post, you included lots of interesting facts about your family. This showed your love of learning and curiosity and, by sharing this information, you encourage others to learn and share.
    I grew up on a farm in Victoria. My mum and dad are still living on the farm and I visited them in the term break. It was wonderful to help feed the cattle with my dad and to taste my mum’s baking! I’m the fifth generation of the Cumming family to grow up on that property. Before farming began there it was a goldmining town. There are still mineshafts to explore, but probably the gold has been found!
    Miss Cumming
    PS I share your love for vacuuming!

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