3 thoughts on “All About Ida

  1. Hi Ida, a great first post. I am certainly aware of your love of art and crafts, you are very talented in these areas! Your story writing is also beginning to blossom – I think your love of reading is coming through. Well done and keep it up!

    If I could add anything to your “All About Me” post Ida, I would say that you have the strength of transcendence. You have an appreciation of beauty and excellence. You show gratitude for the things that we do (not all children possess this strength Ida), and you show at times humour and a playfulness that I particularly enjoy. 🙂

  2. Hello Ida,
    I enjoyed reading your post and getting to know some of your favourite things (I share your love of sushi!)
    You mentioned your love of art and having seen some of your art pieces I certainly recognise your strength of creativity and eye for detail (your recent dot/leaf painting was a great example).
    Miss Cumming

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