All About Me (Jinwoo)

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Hi, I am 7 and I was born in South Korea. I’m turning 8 this year. I love reading and playing. I live in Tasmania-Hobart. I go to a good school in Hobart and also I’m in grade 2.  I like nature and sports. My favourite sport is cricket and soccer. I also like AFL and basketball. My favourite subjects are science, art, history and maths.  I have 2 brothers and one sister. I’m the oldest out of my brothers and sister. My favourite animal is a tiger cub. I also like ligers and wallabies and if you don’t know what a liger is, its a mix between a lion and a tiger. But my most favourite animals are dinosaurs! I also like kangaroos and lions. I have a big garden, and in my garden I have a rope swing.

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  1. Hi JinWoo. I too love tigers. The picture you chose of a tiger cub is very cute! Dinosaurs are such a fascinating topic! The big, gentle herbivores are my favourite! What is your favourite?

    Jinwoo, if I was to add anything to your “All About Me” post, I would say that you have the strength of humanity. The kindness, generosity and compassion you show to others is remarkable and greatly appreciated. THANK YOU!

  2. By the way JinWoo …

    There are some great pictures of ligers on “Photos For Class” (safe to download on the side bar of our blog). Download, save to your computer and the go to “upload media”. Easy-peasy!

  3. Hello JinWoo,
    I enjoyed reading your post with the information about your family and your interests. I had not heard of ‘ligers’ before. Thank you for using your love of learning to share facts on your blog and help readers like me to learn new things.
    I have one sister and two brothers as well! They all live in Victoria. I visited them on the holidays and spent time with my mum and dad on their farm. It was great to see everyone and to drive around the farm with my dad, feeding the cattle and doing little jobs.
    I have noticed that you are a very caring big brother and a good friend to many people in our school – you look for ways to help people. Thank you.
    Miss Cumming

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