April 14

All About Me [Alex]

Hello. My name is Alex. I am in grade 2. My favourite foods are pizza, chicken with chips, a banana, and more. My favourite sports are soccer and cricket. I live in Hobart, Tasmania. My granny lives in a small town called Latrobe. I like a band called The Beatles. Their names are… John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, and George Harrison. My favourite animal is dogs. I also like vacuums. 

The Beatles - Help !Creative Commons License Piano Piano! via Compfight
Golden Retriever Puppies Uwe Mäurer via Compfight
Vacuum Cleaners Leonie via Compfight

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4 thoughts on “All About Me [Alex]

  1. Mrs Moore

    Congratulations Alex!Your post is the first post where I have not had to correct spelling and punctuation!

    I know that you love The Beatles and vacuum cleaners – I did not know that you also have a love of dogs. They truly are man’s best friend, don’t you think?

    If I had to add anything to your “All About Me Post”, I would say that you have the strength of wisdom and knowledge. You have a strong sense of curiosity and interest in certain topics and you are developing a love of learning within our class this year – WOOHOO!

  2. Kate G (Alex's mum)

    Great writing, Alex! It’s always interesting to read things that you’ve written. Maybe you could do a post about your favourite Beatles album… or we could take some photos of Granny’s dog in the school holidays and you could post them! xxx

  3. gou20georgina

    WOW Alex! A great all about me post. I’m not a fan of cricket sadly, but I do like the Beatles. Do you like soccer?


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