All About Me [Alex]

Hello. My name is Alex. I am in grade 2. My favourite foods are pizza, chicken with chips, a banana, and more. My favourite sports are soccer and cricket. I live in Hobart, Tasmania. My granny lives in a small town called Latrobe. I like a band called The Beatles. Their names are… John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, and George Harrison. My favourite animal is dogs. I also like vacuums. 

The Beatles - Help !Creative Commons License Piano Piano! via Compfight
Golden Retriever Puppies Uwe Mäurer via Compfight
Vacuum Cleaners Leonie via Compfight

8 thoughts on “All About Me [Alex]

  1. Congratulations Alex!Your post is the first post where I have not had to correct spelling and punctuation!

    I know that you love The Beatles and vacuum cleaners – I did not know that you also have a love of dogs. They truly are man’s best friend, don’t you think?

    If I had to add anything to your “All About Me Post”, I would say that you have the strength of wisdom and knowledge. You have a strong sense of curiosity and interest in certain topics and you are developing a love of learning within our class this year – WOOHOO!

  2. Great writing, Alex! It’s always interesting to read things that you’ve written. Maybe you could do a post about your favourite Beatles album… or we could take some photos of Granny’s dog in the school holidays and you could post them! xxx

  3. WOW Alex! A great all about me post. I’m not a fan of cricket sadly, but I do like the Beatles. Do you like soccer?

  4. Hello Alex,
    I liked reading your post and about your interests. I like dogs, cricket and the Beatles too… and I love USING vacuums!
    I’ve been to the Boxing Day tests a few times and I’ve seen matches with Adam Gilchrest and Shane Warne playing, and years before that Denis Lillie!
    You used your strengths of curiosity and explaining for your blog and I think also your strength for detail in checking it was accurate. Well done.
    Miss Cumming

  5. Hi Alex,
    Wow I really, really love your post! Youʻre one of the better second-grade writers Iʻve seen in a long time! You put very good details and a lot of things about yourself. Keep up the awesome work!


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