April 24

I hear Alex likes Dachshunds! So do I!

Hi Alex! We love miniature dachshunds in our family and my daughter would love to own one! I have just bought this mug for her – what do you think of it?

Then there’s a dog I follow on Instagram (he makes me smile every day) called Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund. I think these clips are fun …. what do you think?

There are lots more … but I need to control myself! I haven’t seen a cricket one, but as he lives in Canada – perhaps we won’t! Maybe we should do a cricket movie with you as the star! Are you up for the challenge Alex?

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4 thoughts on “I hear Alex likes Dachshunds! So do I!

  1. gou20georgina

    Hi Alex. It’s me Georgina. If I were to get a dog, I would like a miniature schnauzer. What other animals do you like? Why not get a puppy playing in the beatles 🙂 .

  2. gou21brook

    Hi its brook here
    I really loved the dachshunds videos. Hope you do lots of hard work during class time bye.

  3. gou20ida

    Hi it’s Ida
    I really enjoyed the video. I especially loved the part where there was a police dog chasing the other dog.
    Next time could you do a post of a dolphin? (They’re one of my favorite animals).


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