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All About Me (Rosie)

Hi. My name is Rosie and I love penguins. They are my favourite animal but I love all animals! My best friends are: Kitty,  Ruth, Pixie (my dog), Grace, Amelie (my cousin), Georgina, Stella and Olive. I like adventures and exploring different places. I live in Hobart and I go to a wonderful school. So that’s my life. Thanks for reading. Bye.

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All about me (Brook).

Hi. My name is Brook. I’m 8 years old. I have three older sisters. The older one is Kayla, then Hannah, then Charlotte. I’m the youngest. My favourite animals are dogs, birds, cats, lions, tigers and chimpanzee. I live in Hobart. My favourite food is apples. My best friends are Kitty, Stella, Rosie, Olive, Greta, Isabelle, Bruno, Ruth, Will, Charlotte, Hannah and Kayla.

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I like star wars and  ROBLOX.  I hope you like the blog.

I love the school its so fun.  The sports I like are cricket and AFL(FOOTBALL). I also like  handball and soccer.Stormtrooper Dellboyy Art via Compfight   

On our blog you should go onto the “technology we love” page  because its so much fun!

I also like MINECRAFT.

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We like “Just Dance” in our class. It’s good exercise. It’s so fun! I’m in grade 3. I HOPE YOU LIKE THE blog!

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All About Me ( Kitty )

Hi my name is Kitty. I am 8 years old. I am in grade 2. My favourite sport is soccer. I really love animals. My cousins & my grand parents & uncles and aunts live in England so I don’t get to see them often. When I do I am very excited! It takes a long time to get there – 3 days!! This year my mum made an amazing cake for my birthday! It was a pink cat. My friends are Stella. Stella from Brisbane also my other friend Rosie comes from England like me!  Stella and Rosie came to my school last year and we have been friends since then. I have 2 brothers Bruno and Vincent, but he gets called Vinnie. I’m the youngest.

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All About Ada

Hello my name is Ada.

I love rabbits and blueberries.

I am in a 2/3 class and I am in grade 3 .

I love running carnivals and it was my first time and I got 2 firsts,  1 second,  1 third. I am so happy.

My birthday is June the 26. I was born in 2008 and I am 8.

Stella’s trip to England and Italy

On the 28th march 2017 Stella  went to England and Italy for 4 weeks.

To get there first she went to Melbourne then she went from Melbourne to Singapore then England and that is how Stella got to England! She is staying at her 2nd Cousins house in Wallingford and she is visiting her great grandma who is 95 years old .

Stella has some great friends her best friend is Rosie. She is from England.  Stella’s dad was born in England. He lived there for 6 years.

Stella’s cousin Heidi is coming to England too. It is her first time.

Stella has been to England once before.

About Me – Georgina

Hi! I’m Georgie and I love sports. My sports are… soccer , skating , bike riding and swimming. I love animals no matter what. I am friendly and curious and I love to start conversations. My best friends are Olive, Ida , Kitty, Rosie, Penny and Brook. I love to read and spread my imagination and thinking. I would love to have a puppy in my life. I live in Hobart at a great school. Please leave me a comment for me. Bye bye!