This is the first part of my series relating blogging to the Australian Curriculum.

When you have a class blog, you probably want your students, parents and other readers to leave comments. They can do this from any computer, iPad, smartphone from anywhere in the world as long as they are connected to the internet and know your blog URL.

But they will have a lot of information to fill in to leave a comment.

  1. Fill in the comment remembering to be polite and address the person the comment is for eg Hi Miss W,
  2. Fill in the anti-spam word – good chance to discuss what this is and why blogs often have them – what is a spam comment?
  3. If you can’t read the anti-spam word then choose another by clicking either the sound or mix icons.
  4. Put in your first name only – if a relative then use John’s aunt or Mary’s dad rather than  Mrs Powell or Mr Dowd. Why do we suggest this happens on class or student blogs? Why do we only use first names?
  5. Enter email – if writing comment from home, maybe use mum or dad’s email or if you know your personal school email use that instead.
  6. If you want to know if someone leaves a reply to your comment, then tick this box and an email will be sent to you. You can always unsubscribe to that post once you have read their reply.
  7. Finally check that the spam word hasn’t changed since you first typed it in, highlight and copy your comment (just in case), now click the blue Post Comment button.

It will now look like your comment has disappeared but in reality, it is being held in a moderation queue ready for the teacher to check it before they publish the comment.

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