The Thylacine ( Tasmanian Tiger )

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Hi it’s Bruno and Jinwoo here. This topic is about the Tasmanian Tiger ( Thylacine ). Here are some facts about thylacines.

The thylacine is a marsupial. It was once the biggest carnivorous marsupial on Earth.

It has the body of a large dog with a stiff tail, the head of a wolf, the pouch of a kangaroo, and stripes in the back like a tiger!

The thylacine is now extinct. The last thylacine that has been sited was in the Beaumaris Zoo. It died on the 7th of September 1936. It’s name was Benjamin, but surprisingly it was a female.

It became extinct because bounty hunters killed it for money. The thylacine had a bounty on them because sheep were easy targets for the thylacine.

The thylacine was listed as “protected” in 1936 – too late!

Some fun facts about the thylacine:

They can open their mouths up to 120 degrees.

When startled Thylacines jump on their hind legs to escape.

They can have 13-19 stripes. Each stripe is unique like our fingerprints.

Both male and female have a back-opening pouch.

Thylacines prefer to eat fresh meat.


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  1. Hi Jinwoo and Bruno
    It’s Ida. I really liked your post and how you put so many facts in it, some of those facts I didn’t even know!
    How much money did the people get if they killed a thylacine? 🙂

  2. Hello Jinwoo and Bruno It’s Alex here. I liked your post and it was so intresting. How did you put lots of facts in it?

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