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All About Sharks by Ryan and Jinwoo

Sharks are marine animals which means they live in the water. Sharks are considered dangerous to most people but actually aren’t because they think people are seals that are their main prey. There’s lots of sharks but their numbers are dropping because of over fishing and nets dropped in the water.


  • Sharks are a type of fish.
  • Sharks can be 10cm to 18 metres.
  • Sharks are made of cartilage not bone.
  • Sharks live world wide.
  • Sharks have skin like sandpaper.
  • Sharks have scales.
  • Most sharks are endangered.
  • Sharks breath air thru there gills.
  • Sharks enemy’s are orcas.
  • Sharks get caught in nets all the time.
  • There’s lots of types of sharks.
  • The great white shark is the most famous type of shark.

Whale shark (Rhincodon typus)Creative Commons License Sylke Rohrlach via Compfight


                                                                                                                      Discovery   Times via Compfight

Look! I have bigger teeth than you.Creative Commons License Jan Fidler via CompfightGreat White Shark Opening

Minecraft By Bruno

Hi it’s Bruno here today’s topic is Minecraft I’m really interested in Minecraft because it’s amazing what you can do with it.

Everything is made out of pixels witch are tiny squares that make every picture on your screens even the words! Everything is made out of squares it’s like square world!

At my school I play Minecraft Edu it’s technically my home work!

The first thing I had to do was make a zoo I’ve done Ocelots habitat and the Ocelots and I’ve done the squids habitat but not the squids.

I love Minecraft I wonder if you do?

See you soon!

soccer by (Jesse and Harry)

Soccer is a world wide sport. There are so many teams, some are famous like Arsenal, Barcelona, Brazil, Australia and Real Madrid. I think the best team in the world is Real Madrid. I play soccer with my friends. My dad is the coach of my team. My team is Hobart United. I have 10 players on my team.Moorpark Soccer 1Creative Commons License Jamie Schaap via Compfight

Thylacine at Dark Mofo. By Jesse T

I went to the closing night at Dark Mofo. Part of the closing night was to burn the Thylacine. A couple of days before the closing night I went to Dark Park with my Nan and Pa and I was allowed to put a note talking about my fears in the Thylacine. At Dark Park they had laser lights and loud noises, it was very dark and we could hardly see each other. The Thylacine was made of paper machae and it was almost five times bigger than a real sized one. On the closing night the Thylacine was carried from Salamanca all the way over to Dark Park where it was burnt. I think that because my fears were burnt inside the Thylacine then I don’t have them anymore or I am not as scared as I was before.

I really enjoyed this experience. I found it very interesting because I got to see a 3D version of a Thylacine with excellent features and unique stripes exactly how it looks in all of the pictures I have seen.  I also spent time with my family and cousins.  It was a good night because I was allowed to stay up a bit later than usual.


What You Need To Know About Penguins (By Rosie)

Penguins are cute and cuddly but stinky. The smallest penguin lives only in Australia and is called a Fairy Penguin or Little Penguin. The biggest lives only in Antarctica and is called an Emperor Penguin. Penguins are flightless birds and have flipper like wings which propel them through the water. Penguins eat fish, krill and crabs. Penguins are the BEST!Hoiho/Yellow-Eyed Penguin, Porpoise Bay, Catlins Shellie via Compfight

All About The Beatles by Alex

The Beatles are a band of 4.  Their names are…John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, and George Harrison. John plays guitar. Paul plays bass guitar. Ringo plays the drums. And George also plays guitar.

Albums: Please Please Me, With The Beatles, A Hard Day’s Night, Beatles For Sale, Help, Rubber Soul, Revolver, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, Magical Mystery Tour, Yellow Submarine, The Beatles [The White Album], Abbey Road, Let It Be, Past Masters Volume 1, Past Masters Volume 2, Anthology 1, Anthology 2, Anthology 3, Live at the BBC. 

The original drummer was Pete Best. He left the group in 1962. The story started during John Lennon’s early days in Liverpool,England. He formed a band called The Quarrymen. It was named after Quarry Bank High School. It included a line from the school song Quarrymen Old. He wanted to introduce some of his classmates to his Liverpool Institute classmate, Paul McCartney. Paul was only 15. A couple of years later, he joined The Quarrymen, as the second guitarist and singer. The next year George Harrison joined the group. Paul and George were classmates at the Liverpool Institute. On an addition on top of a double decker bus, George was brought in as the third guitarist. John and John’s bandmate at the time, Stuart Sutcliffe, came up with the name “The Beatles”. When drummer Pete Best joined, John, Paul, George and Stu, the original version of The Beatles was born.

Creative Commons License SarahElizabethC. via Compfight 

Leonard in the Kimberley


This is my family riding dromedary camels  along  Cable Beach in Broome. Dromedary camels have one hump that is used to store fat. This is helpful for the camel if  it gets hungry as it can use the hump as a source of food or water. The camels take six years to train and began as a mixture of wild and domesticated camels. The camel that Oliver and I rode was called Jacko and is a retired racing camel.


This is an enormous boab tree! I discovered it at a rest area when I woke up one morning. Boab trees have thick trunks that are sometimes hollow. They have thick trunks to store water as the climate in the Kimberley region is very hot.


The gorge behind me is Emma Gorge in El Questro park in the north of the Kimberley region in Western Australia. It is a beautiful place and its hard to describe how beautiful it is. Gorges are deep valleys that have a river flowing in the bottom, they are formed by the water wearing the rock away over a very long time.


We are enjoying a natural bath in Zebidee springs in El Questro park. This is a natural spring that is heated deep down in the earth and is a fantastic place to hang out. The water was 34 degrees!

All About Me (Arshveer)

Hi my name is Arshveer. Soccer is my favourite sport. I go to a school and I am in grade 2. My favorite video game is Diepio. We have no internet so we can’t play that game. I like roblox but not that much. My favourite soccer player is Messi who is really famous. My favourite food is cheese pizza! I have two elder brothers. One of them is in grade 8 and another one is in grade 5. My favourite animal is a Tiger. I think it is the king of the animals.

Please leave a comment telling me what your favourite video game is or tell me what your animal is.

 Creative Commons License G0DeX via CompfightLeo Messi - Semifinals de Champions League: F.C. Barcelona Vs. Bayern München Marc Puig i Perez via Compfight.