All About Sharks by Ryan and Jinwoo

Sharks are marine animals which means they live in the water. Sharks are considered dangerous to most people but actually aren’t because they think people are seals that are their main prey. There’s lots of sharks but their numbers are dropping because of over fishing and nets dropped in the water.


  • Sharks are a type of fish.
  • Sharks can be 10cm to 18 metres.
  • Sharks are made of cartilage not bone.
  • Sharks live world wide.
  • Sharks have skin like sandpaper.
  • Sharks have scales.
  • Most sharks are endangered.
  • Sharks breath air thru there gills.
  • Sharks enemy’s are orcas.
  • Sharks get caught in nets all the time.
  • There’s lots of types of sharks.
  • The great white shark is the most famous type of shark.

Whale shark (Rhincodon typus)Creative Commons License Sylke Rohrlach via Compfight


                                                                                                                      Discovery   Times via Compfight

Look! I have bigger teeth than you.Creative Commons License Jan Fidler via CompfightGreat White Shark Opening

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  1. Awesome post
    I love sharks as well and I’ve done a couple of posts about them as well.
    My favourite shark is a basking shark.
    What is your favourite shark?

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