Cats And Kittens by Stella

Cats and kittens to me are the BEST animals in the WORLD! Cats and kittens are soooooo cute and adorable. I have a cat called Ava. You have to go very close to hear a normal cat purring, but AVA  is a  special cat so you can hear her purring at the other side of the bed. HA HA! If you get a dog and you already have a cat, when your cat first sees the dog, the cat or kitten will be very shaky.Playful Pumpkin Tamara Eden via Compfight

4 thoughts on “Cats And Kittens by Stella

  1. You are posting a lot of late Stella and I like what you are doing! I’m wondering Ava how your cat Ava likes your new puppy toffee?

  2. Hi Stella,
    I love your post! I have a cat called Rex. He is black and white and he purrs loudly too. Once when my friend came over he brought his dog and my cat ran away and hid under the sofa. What colour is your cat? I love cats too.

  3. Hi Stella,
    I loved your post cats are awesome. I have two cats at my mums house, one called Curie and one called mittens. what’s your favourite breed of cat?

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