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Messi By Oscar

Messi is my fave soccer player ever. Some people say Ronaldo is the best dribbler in the world but really it is Messi. I think Messi is so amazing he has scored more goals than Ronaldo. I can’t forget about his accuracy; it is top class -really Messi has better shot than Ronaldo.

Messi fun facts

#1 messi has five ballon’or’dors

#2 messi scored his 100th and won the laliga

#3 messi has banged in 507 goals


loch ness monster by Jinwoo, harry and jesse

The Loch Ness monster also known as Nessie is one of the most famous mysteries in the world. The Loch Ness monster is said to live in Scotland in the lake of the Loch one of the biggest lakes in Scotland. People thought the Loch Ness monster was a plesiosaur, a prehistoric beast that could have survived and still be living in the Loch, though most people think the Loch Ness monster is fake. There has been many sightings over the years but most have been proved fake.

Christian Spurling - Loch Ness Monster (1934) luvi via Compfight

Pets by Rosie

Hi my name is Rosie and I’m here to tell you about pets. Pets are so cute. I love them! I have a Border Collie at home, her name is Pixie. My friend has a cat called Ava. She also has a dog called Toffee. Some pets that you can have are dogs, cats, guinea pigs, hamsters, mice, rats and bunnies. Unfortunately some animals you can’t have as pets like penguins, dolphins, tigers, lions, ocelots, wolves, caserweries and pandas. The only water animal you can have for a pet is small fish. All the others are wild animals and are only found in dams, creeks, rivers and the ocean.Guinea pigs of cuteness 5 David Burke via Compfight

Tigers (By Kitty)

Tigers are such amazing creatures. I really can’t believe that they’re getting hunted down 🙁  They don’t harm you if you don’t harm them. It’s that simple. But that’s just what I think. They only eat what they have to eat and that keeps them alive. They have cute baby tiger cubs and to be honestly they are probably the cutest thing I have ever seen! tiger are an endangered species! tigers are the largest cat in the cat family (They must be a very big cat) I hope you learnt something new today and that’s all from me by for now!

Staying near momCreative Commons License Tambako The Jaguar via Compfight

Scooters By Oscar

Hi guys it’s Oscar here with today’s topic, scooters! I have a scooter myself and it’s really cool. Every scooter has a different brand. For example, my scooter is a blue and black Envy Colt. I will give you some good scooter brands down below:

#1 Apex scooters

#2 Envy scooters

#3 Root industries

#4 Grit scooters

#5 Micro pro

#6  Razor

Here is a video for the Envy Colt:

Dogs by Kitty

Dogs are great pets if you like walking because you have to walk them. Now some people think that’s great but others not so much. The second reason why I like dogs is because they are so cute! I like their wet noses. The third reason I love dogs is because you can play with them. They are so fun to play with. My favourite type of dog is a blue and white whippet. What’s yours?

All About Soccer And Border Collies By Bruno

Hello its Bruno here and my topic is Border Collies playing soccer. My dad had a Border Collie and it could play soccer. I was really jealous. I asked my dad for a Border Collie that looked like Sue ( that’s the name of the dog ) call it Sue and hope that it plays soccer. Do you wish you had a Border Collie that plays soccer? Sue had lots of energy but she also had the brains, unlike Springer Spaniels. They have the energy, but they don’t have the brains. They are absolutely stupid! I hope you enjoyed my post. By for now!

This is another soccer playing Border Collie.

The Soccer Tips. by Oscar and Luke

Hi. Are you trying to be the best soccer team in the world, but losing all your games? Well, you’re in luck – we can give you tips.

Number 1. The Rainbow.

This is where you trap the ball between your feet then jump in the air. Use your weak foot to bring the ball to the back of your heel and then bring the heel higher and push it over your head.

Number 2. The Naymer JR Rocket

This one is pretty hard but it originally came from Naymer, so its really cool! The Naymer JR Rocket is a bit like the rainbow, but you use the back of your strong foot and the front of your weak foot and flick it beside you and over the defenders head.

Number 3. The Nutmeg

To do the nutmeg you have to go one way quickly turn, the other way, then push the ball through the goalie’s legs. Be sure to nutmeg the goalie.

Number 4. How to defend

You always have to be prepared when attackers come and your facing them and they go one side, you will have to turn to that  side and run after them, but if you give them the left foot to go to and they are right footed they will take longer to get past you which makes you able to get the ball off them.

Number 5. The Ronaldo Chop

Here’s one from another famous soccer player called Ronaldo and the trick is called the Ronaldo chop. This one you use your strong foot to go around your weak foot and hit the ball. BYE😁 😁😁

Penguins are the BEST! by Rosie

Penguins are the cutest animals in the WORLD! You have to agree with me. They’re so cute, little and cuddly. Penguins have cute little feathers, adorable wings, amazing beaks and smooth feet. I absolutely love them!❤


  • Penguins come in all different shapes and sizes.
  • The largest penguin is the Emperor Penguin and the smallest is the Fairy Penguin.
  • Most types of penguins live in Antarctica.
  • No types of penguins live in the north pole because of the Polarbears.
  • The Asian Penguins lives in Asia!
  • Penguins eat krill fish and shrimp.


The Best Night at DARK MOFO Ever

Last June I went to the Dark Mofo parade, it was an amazing experience. I hope I can go again next year. These are some of the pictures that I took…



The first one is the thylacine burning, so is the second one. The third photo is my brothers and me. In case you can’t tell, I’m the one in the middle. The one on the left is Bruno and the one on the right is Vincent. We enjoyed it lots! We saw lots of my friends! Dark Mofo happens every year in winter. We had to rug up tight to stay warm. I stood on the hill to see the thylacine burning. Everyone writes their worries on paper and puts it in a box which then goes inside the thylacine. Our worries are burnt and will then disappear! We joined the parade with lots of people and lots of instrument’s. There were drums and all sorts.

Have you ever been to Dark Mofo and what do you think about it?