How To Calm Down By Oscar

Hey everyone it’s Oscar here and today’s topic  is how to calm down. So everyone may think that calming down is so  hard cause your all worked up about something and you can’t do it. So I’m here to help. The best thing to do  when you’ve just been in a fight is to walk away and if you’ve done that try and find a quiet place. Then start to do some square breathing. Don’t know what this is – I’ll tell you. Square breathing is where you breathe for four seconds, hold for four seconds, then breath out for four seconds and relax for four seconds. Sometimes eating some food can help your mood and listing to music can also help. Hope you use these strategies and good bye. 😁😊😃😄😁😊😃

3 thoughts on “How To Calm Down By Oscar

  1. Great advice Oscar! I find square breathing helpful when I am in a stressful situation too! Georgina likes to use “finger breathing” – that helps too!do you find it helpful? 🙂

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